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On 17 September 2015 Ouija gave birth to two beautiful female puppies:



The French Clubmatch (Falapa) was held in July. LuPulus H.e.B. became Best In Show Salukis:

The next day, his brother Liron won the Coursing:

In June 2015 LahatPar H.e.B. became Vice European Coursing Champion in Helsinki:


He also won the coursing in Gerbeviller (F) while on the showfront he made BOS in Landstuhl under judge Mrs Marpe:


And under the Australian judge Mr Prior he obtained CAC in Hochdal:

At the 2015 breed specialty shows in Holland and Germany, Int. Ch. Jelani Obi H.e.B. and LePebbles H.e.B. made BOB and BIS respectively. This made Obi Dutch Champion:

Also at the SJA in Hunstetten, LuPulus H.e.B. became BIS Working Hounds:

Easter 2015, LahatPar H.e.B. received a beautiful prize for "Best of Day" at the International lure coursing in Laferté sur Amance (F) Two weeks later he obtained CACIB/CAC at the Show in Antwerp.

Some time in 2014 Lupulus Hadi el Basher Became Belgian Champion:

 In spring 2014, Junior Belgian Ch. Lahat Par H.e.B. came back to us. On 27 July, after some intensive training in the woods and succesfully participating in a few coursings, he won the "Grand Prix de Belgique", before his brothers Liron and Lupulus, who came second and third, respectively.


 2014 started well with German Ch. Jada Oramis also obtaining the Belgian Champion title at the show in Genk.

 Meanwhile he continued his coursing training:

At the other end of the world, Lilith Peri Hadi el Basher became "Australian Champion"! Her smooth brother LenoaPayaz H.e.B. obtained this title a year later.


Furthermore, three certificates confirming the International Beauty & Performance title were received for Dual Ch. Zanji Irabi H.e.B. , Deru Mowgli and their daughter Esmeray Noa! 

In October 2013, Ouija won the "Grand Prix de Belgique" at the coursing in St Pieters Rode. This also earned her the title of "Belgian Coursing Champion" Earlier this year, at the European Coursingchampionship in Germany, Ouija came 3d outof 55 bitches:

In September all four youngsters: Lahat, Liron, Lupo and Pebbles obtained their coursing licence. Pebbles and Lahat also made Belgian Junior Champion, while auntie EsiriNuray (Lark) is now Belgian Coursing Champion!

 At the Donaueschingen Sighthoundfestival 2013, Jelani Obi H.e.B. became Winner Donaueschingen: 

LePebbles H.e.B. was Junior Donaueschingen Winner both days, LuPulus and LironPili 2d and 3rd: 


 Lahat Par H.e.B., pictured at the Sighthound Festival Donaueschingen, became Belgian Junior Champion:

In September 2013 he was also Best Junior at the Brussels Dog Show.

28/4/2013: After winning the CAC in Maubeuge a few weeks before, Esmeray Noa H.e.B. won her last CAC in Amiens. She is now: Int. Ch. / Int. working Ch., Dutch Ch. German Ch., Lux. Ch., Europ. Junior Ch. 06, EuroSighthound 08, Winner A'dam 07, French Champion).

At the Amsterdam Winner, 25th November, Jelani Obi H.e.B. won Open Class and obtained CACIB & RCAC. With these results he became International Champion. Shortly after, he also became Int. Ch. Beauty & Performace:

September 2012 was a good Coursing month: Obi won the coursing in Vien (B) and Shukran obtained the official confirmation that he is now International Coursing Champion.

Jelani Obi H.e.B. did it again: BOB at the CACIB show in Genk (B) on 30th June!

And again: BOB (2BIG) in Liège on 22nd July 2012. 

On 23d June, Jada Oramis H.e.B. fulfilled the requirements for German Champion (VDH & DWZRV) in the shortest possible time!

Esmeray Noa & Rudan Razeel's puppies were born on 22d June: 7 males and 1 bitch. Two males are grizzle; the rest are black & tan/silver. For more details see here.

At the Eur. Coursing Championship in Hungary, 9th June, Jaya Ouija was 2d out of more than 40 bitches:

At the Dutch NVOW Clubmatch, on 2d June 2012, Jelani Obi H.e.B. became BOB out of 57 Salukis, while at the Belgian Saluki Specialty, on 17th June, he also obtained the CAC.

On April 26th the breeding between Noa and Rudan Razeel took place in Sweden: 

 We are keeping our fingers crossed! 

In November in Merksplas, at the tender age of 21 months, JayaOuija H.e.B. came first out of 20 bitches and won the "Coupe de Belgique" for the 2011 season:

In October, Swala's Shukran (GPX 2011, see further down) obtained his third CACIL at the Halloween Coursing in Landstuhl (D). He has now fulfilled the requirements for "International Coursing Champion".

On the 8th of October we celebrated 25 years of Hadi el Basher!


At the French clubshow (Falapa 2011) Dual Ch. Esmeray Noa H.e.B. made BOB!

Int. Ch. / Int. working Ch. Esmeray Noa Hadi el Basher, Dutch Ch. German Ch., Lux. Ch., Europ. Junior Ch. 06, EuroSighthound 08, Winner A'dam 07

20/21 August, Leipzig: Jelani Obi H.e.B. made Junior BOB on both days, fulfilling the requirements for Junior German (DWZRV) and Junior VDH Champion!


On August 14th Swala's Shukran obtained his first Coursing Title:

"Belgian Grand Prix winner 2011" 

At the European Coursing Championship 2011, Maysoon obtained 8th place (out of 50+ bitches) but a few weeks later, in July, she was Reserve French Champion at the FALAPA Coursing:

On the other side of the pond, Lark and Noa's brother Enayat Nika H.e.B. became Canadian Champion:

 Both youngsters, Ouija and Obi, obtained their coursing licence in May 2011:

In April 2011, in Laferté sur Amance, Esmeray Noa H.e.B. fulfilled the requirements for the Int. Coursing Champion title, the 10th in our kennel to do so. In addition she will be our third combined International Show and Coursing Champion, after Cilala and Ani Jericho H.e.B.!

The first ever show for Maysoon's son Jelani Obi as well as for his young owner Julie took place in Rheinberg (D), February  2011. They both proved to be naturals in the ring with Obi becoming "Junior Best in Show"! At the same show, Int. Coursing Ch Esiri Nuray H.e.B. (Lark) obtained the last certificate to become German Champion (DWZRV). Perhaps the most satisfying result was that Byuma H.e.B. won the Veteran CAC, after her extensive knee surgery last year.

October 2010: In Laferté sur Amance (F), our 18 months old male "Swala's Shukran" (Dual Int. Ch. Ani Jericho H.e.B. x Burydown Helerica Whisper) obtained his first CACIL. He came to us mid 2009. At the German Clubshow (2010) he won his class:

Early summer 2010, four of Maysoon's puppies left. Omri went to Norway, Oramis to Germany, Oreo to France and Obi stayed in Belgium. The only bitch, Ouija, stayed with us:

Introducing our 2010 Spring litter: 


Four boys and one girl.

More about Maysoon under "D-M litter"

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